Best of Bristol: 3 years in food and drink

If I had the money, time and stomach capacity, I would eat out for every single meal in Bristol.  Everywhere you look, there are incredible places to eat. I want to share these gems with you because life is for living and food is for eating. So here is a not-so-concise list of all the top places I’ve eaten or drunk at during my time in this incredible and eclectic city, with a few tips and thoughts.

This isn’t the most informative post but it’s a fun look back at some of the highlights of my time in Bristol, and I hope it might inspire you!

I haven’t included chains, because I want to highlight the array of independent places to eat and drink! Thank you to Eilidh for inspiring this post.


  • Tuk Tuck, City Centre- incredibly tasty and reasonably priced Asian Street food. My lovely friend Dani and I tried Bibimbap, as well as the Kimchi fries. Our meal came to £9.50 each and the portions were incredibly generous!
  • The Playhouse Cafe, City Centre- a quirky cafe where the seats are swings and you can play board games whilst you wait

A young Ella visits Bristol for the first time ever, 2015.

  • Chance and Counters, City Centre- a board game cafe where you can eat and drink, as well as chose from hundreds of board games to play. At the bottom of Christmas Steps.
  • Sticks and Broth, City Centre – simple and tasty Japanese food close to Rewind. Their ramen is epic.
  • Pata Negra, City Centre – insane tapas.
  • 3 Brothers Burgers, City Centre – £5 student deal for a burger and chips. Their sundaes will rock your world.
  • Cafe Kino, Stokes Croft – vegan food . Try the vegan mayonnaise. Their milkshakes are also epic.
  • The Meat Factory, Stokes Croft – tasty burgers and dirty fries. Impeccable service.
  • The Spotless Leopard, Whiteladies Road- read my blog post here. Ethical and tasty vegan food.
  • Flavalanche, Park Street- the best fro- yo in town and all the toppings you could ever want.
  • Pinkman’s, Park Street- TRY THEIR FILLED DONUTS I BEG YOU! The most incredible array of baked goods there is to offer in Bristol. Totally grammable.
  • Friska, The Triangle – try the peanut butter and jam toasty and browse through their vinyl collection
  • Bluebird Tea Company, Park Street- the best array of tea in town. Honey Bee Beautiful is my favourite!
  • Brew, Whiteladies Road – try the Guava smoothie and thank me later.
  • Primose Cafe, Clifton – incredibly fresh and colourful food. Not the cheapest option, but the food is beautiful and the location is great. Your parents would like it here.
  • Clifton Village Fish Bar – the 2nd best fish and chips I’ve ever tried in my life. Walk up to the bridge and enjoy the view.FullSizeRender-11.jpg
  • The White Rabbit, Clifton – 2 for 1 pizza and a roof terrace with fairy lights? Tell me I’m dreaming.
  • Parson’s, St Michael’s Hill – Parson’s, your meal deal has seen me through some tough times. They also do coffee for £1. Thank you.


  • The Milk Thistle (Secret Bar)
  • Red Light (Secret Bar)
  • Her Majesty’s Secret Service (#1 Secret Bar, just by Clifton Down Sainsburies)
  • The Apple- The Old Bristolian is high % and cheaper for students, the Sheppy Sweet is my favourite.
  • The Old Duke- the live music is magical.
  • The Canteen- free live music.
  • The White Bear- try the mango cider, it tastes like squash.
  • The White Lion- the best view of Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Balanced eating

A final thank you and shout out to the City Cafe, which opens every night by the fountains in city centre. In my humble opinion, it is the best option for ending the night.

Bristol, you’re the best.

Header: Clifton Suspension Bridge, 2017


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