Bristol Eats: The Spotless Leopard

“Baaaaaaaaaaaaabe… You need to go here!!! You have to.”

When my sister sends me a text like this, you know she means business. Catty was referring to The Spotless Leopard , a pop up truck selling vegan food in Bristol, which had caught her eye on Buzzfeed’s 21 British Street Foods You Must Try Before You Die.

Based in a converted white van, and often found just off Whiteladies road, The Spotless Leopard describes themselves as “Vegan food, served in a truck, at a pop-up, or at your next big event”.

With the sun shining , revision in full swing and Bristol SU’s weekly Food Market opposite the library, it would have been rude of me not to visit the Spotless Leopard’s pop up stall.

Bristol SU’s Food Market runs every Thursday just off Tyndall Avenue, where you’ll find a variety of cuisines to try, and is open to staff, students and the public.

The Spotless Leopard’s white van was beautifully decorated, and they were serving a choice of two mains and a variety of cakes and biscuits.

When asked what I would like, I announced “everything”. I settled with a BBQ Pulled Jackfruit, chilli jam and coleslaw wrap, and finished off with one of their famous cinnamon rolls


My pictures really don’t do the food the justice it deserves. It was incredibly tasty, wholesome and filling. It was the best vegan street food I’ve tasted. If you haven’t come across jackfruit before, it tastes a bit like pulled pork, and worked incredibly well with the chilli jam. The cinnamon roll was devine, and is definitely worthy of its Buzzfeed accolade!

Overall I was impressed with the Spotted Leopard’s food and vibe as a company. I would definitely recommend it if you’re looking for an ethical and slightly different lunch. The rest of their menu looks incredible and I’m excited to try it!

My wrap and roll cost £9, so whilst it might not be your every day lunch choice, it is definitely worth it for a mid week revision treat.

The Spotless Leopard can usually be found on Alma Road, by Clifton Down shopping centre, you can check out opening times and locations here.

I’ll definitely be back because I have their whole cake menu down on my bucket list.

Hope revision is going well! Fran xx

Header: Royal Fort Gardens, Bristol 2017


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