Spring time dishes

I’m coming to the end of a fabulous stay here in Bournemouth, where I’ve been hosted by my sister Catty and attempting to revise. It’s the first time in 3 years where I haven’t had to do farm work and it’s been lovely to relax.

As well as enjoying the sun and sea, I’ve also eaten an incredible array of food and wanted to share and inspire you with some of my favourite eats. Spring has well and truly sprung and these dishes capture the weather perfectly.

Salad Days

The day lengths are increasing and the weather is beautiful, which can only mean one thing: it’s time to revise.

Catty, her friend Lauren and myself headed to Bournemouth Uni this week to study at their library (which FYI has 2 Starbucks- up ur game Bristol). We made this incredible salad which was colourful and filling.

We mixed quinoa, feta, chorizo, courgette, peas, sweetcorn and pomegranate seeds. Snacks were an essential to get me through revising pharmacology- we packed carrots, celery and hummus for when it all got too much.  TRUST ME ON THIS: I also tried carrots and peanut butter which is a great combination!



Thank you Catty for these pictures.

Colourful Curry

This is a perfect dish to make for friends and I will be sharing a similar recipe very soon. I love how colourful this dish is, plus it’s so easy to load up with vege. This curry included spinach, aubergine, peppers, baby corn, onions, chickpeas and chicken.


Damn Catty! Back at it again with the incredible food.

London with the Lads

The next stop on my food tour was my trip to London with my good friend Jamie to watch Leicester Tigers Vs. Bath rugby teams. (Leicester lost)

We stopped off in Richmond en route to Twickenham. We ate a restaurant called Urban Diner– the staff here were friendly and the food delicious. It’s in a vibrant location and within a 10 minute walk of the station. I had the pancakes with blueberries, maple syrup and bacon- and they were incredible. Several people I know are yet to try the bacon and maple syrup combination but it is honestly a match made in heaven! Jamie had cinnamon toast with Nutella. The portions were great and it was good value for money, with my dish costing around £8.



Sweet potato toast with Avo and Eggs

Nothing says Instagram like crushed avocado. Sweet potato toast is easy to make and makes a good substitute for bread: simply slice the sweet potato into thin sections length ways, and cook for 4 minutes or so using a microwave or grill, making sure they are soft.

Serve with avocado (we mashed ours with chipotle chilli and salt and pepper) and eggs for a colourful and satisfying lunch.


Thank you to Catty AGAIN for another incredible picture of food

The Mindful Chef

The Mindful Chef is a recipe box initiative- each week you select different dishes, and this company sources the ingredients and delivers them and recipe cards straight to your door.

It’s not the cheapest option for students but would be great for those with a busy schedule wanting to cook new food. I was lucky enough to enjoy a Mindful Chef meal and will take inspiration for future dishes from it.

We enjoyed chicken topped with Wild Garlic Pesto (pine nuts + wild garlic + lemon juice), plus carrot mash (simply boil carrots and mash as you would potato, with a little seasoning) served with roasted  tender stem broccoli, tomatoes and pine nuts.

It was simple but delicious, and I can see myself using this company when I graduate. (Student Life)


Picture supplied by Catty AGAIN

So that was some of my week in food- I hope I have given you a little inspiration for  colourful dishes which capture the season beautifully.

DISCLAIMER: Not included was the 4 creme eggs, slush puppy and fish and chips I ate this week. Happy Easter!

Fran xx

Header: Boscombe Beach, Bournemouth 2017 


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