This Girl Fran- Why on earth am I blogging?

Welcome! My name is Fran, and this blog is a new project of mine.

Besides studying , I am a keen runner, gym-goer and food eater. I love sharing my experiences via instagram (insta__fran), however there is only so much you can write in a caption!

What’s the aim of all this?

To share my life, food and fitness experiences, one post at a time. I want to bring you honest, affordable and truthful inspiration and ideas, as well as sharing some of my day-to-day quirks and thoughts.  Food, life and fitness with a hint of Fran.

Fran, why on earth are you blogging?

In July 2017, I’m moving from Bristol city to the depths of Somerset to continue my Veterinary training.  Those of you that know Bristol will have experienced just how eclectic this city is- there is always so much to do. I am moving to a village and in all honestly I’m NERVOUS as well as excited, so this blog is giving me a little sense of direction as I attempt to navigate the Somerset countryside.

Who am I?

I am a 22 year old veterinary student at Bristol University. The youngest of 4 daughters, I grew up in the Midlands. As a child I was consciously chubby- I first started running when I was 10 years old because I wanted to lose weight. (This thought makes me sad now, but it was the start of a very healthy and supportive hobby). My interest in fitness grew from here, and since coming to University I have continued running and have started weight training too.


My first (and last- for now!) Half Marathon- completed in 2:00:33 in Bath, UK.

I am currently in year 5 out of 5 years of veterinary training. Why Veterinary?  Animals make people happy, period. They make me ridiculously happy and so I chose to embark on a career where I would be surrounded by animals every day.


Me on a horse. 8 year old Fran would be so proud of 20 year old me.

So, that’s me!


I am not a qualified PT, nutritionist, medic, physio, cook, body coach or anything of the sort! I am simply here to share with you what I do. If you like it- yay! – and if you don’t then that’s ok and you don’t have to read any further.

Social Media is a collection of the “good bits”… I’m not healthy 100% of the time and there are weeks when I totally avoid exercise. Question what you see and realise my life is far from any beautifully filtered Insta post!

I want to empower others based on my life experiences. I will be blunt but overall I hope I can inspire you to enjoy looking after your body and enjoy life as much as I do!

From, Fran xx

Header: Wendover, Aylesbury 2016. 


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