Eating out in Bournemouth: The Skinny Kitchen

My sister Catty is my biggest inspiration. She is a superstar Chiropractor to be, spin instructor and all round babe. She is the Ying to my Yang and so last week I hopped on a train to Bournemouth to spend a few days with her


My big sister, Catty, and me. (An actual Ying and Yang)

I’m lucky because Catty is very much into her fitness and has a very holistic approach to life. She totally understands my want to eat well but also provides me with much needed support and reality checks from time to time.

During my visit last week, we decided to check out The Skinny Kitchen in Bournemouth city centre. It was every instagrammer’s dream. The decor was simple and clean cut. The first thing I noticed was a light up “Pancakes, Weights and Protein Shakes” sign decorating one wall and I knew I was in a good place!

The menu offered a range of “main gains”, lighter bites, sides, protein bowls, juices and more.

Catty ordered the Satay Chicken Burger and I had the Falafel and Halloumi Protein bowl, accompanied with red wine (it’s good for your heart, right?).


So much colour! (Except me. I’m wearing all black OBVS).

The service was incredibly quick. Furthermore, the dish itself was brimming with goodness, and it was an extremely generous portion (which of course I finished). As well as halloumi and falafel (name a more iconic duo, I’ll wait), it contained avocado, quinoa, rocket, salad and a zesty yogurt dressing. After eating it I felt full but not sluggish. It left me feeling incredibly satisfied and it was so tasty!


Hallou, it’s mi.

What I liked most about The Skinny Kitchen was that every dish on the menu was healthy yet wholesome, with an option for everyone. Healthy food shouldn’t be boring and restrictive and I felt The Skinny Kitchen did a great job of supplying colourful, fresh and tasty food. My dish cost £10 which seemed reasonable considering the portion size as well as the impeccable service and overall atmosphere of the place.

The dishes on offer would be easy to recreate at home and so I will be using their menu as inspiration for further cooking.

With locations in Ibiza, Canterbury and Belfast besides Bournemouth, I would definitely recommend checking this place out.


The dessert menu looked amazing but we had other plans. Catty and I finished our evening by making raw millionaire shortbread- the recipe for which I will post soon!


Header: Boscombe Beach, Bournemouth 2017


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